All coffee lovers would agree that there’s nothing better than a nicely brewed cup of fresh-hot coffee! However, the problem faced by a large majority of them is how to get that ideal cup every time they yearn for it. This is where a single or one cup coffee maker comes into the picture!

We all know that coffee tastes the best when it’s freshly brewed. Once it’s allowed to sit for a while, it gradually turns into something which resembles mud, and even tastes the same!

Saved and reheated coffee also doesn’t taste any better. These are actual facts! On the other hand, if you really wish for a deliciously hot cup of coffee every time you want to have it, there is no other way than brewing it cup after cup.

One more problem faced by coffee lovers is the determination of the coffee quality they brew. Even if you invest into good quality coffee beans and take the trouble of grinding them on your own (using exactly the same amount of coffee and water), it can never be guaranteed that the last cup brewed will taste just as good as the first cup. On the other hand, if for some reason even the first cup doesn’t taste as per your liking, you’re stuck with an entire pot of average tasting coffee.

The ideal way of obtaining a nice cup of gourmet coffee is by buying it from some specialty coffee shop. Although its taste will be delightful, it will be a little on the expensive side and the process may be inconvenient. The amount of time taken to get to your car and drive to that special coffee outlet may just prove long enough to change your mood for that special gourmet cup.

The Solution

There is a very simple solution to the problems detailed above.

A single or one cup coffee maker can come to your rescue and resolve all the cost and inconvenience related issues.

You’d never get stuck with a part of average coffee getting reheated or sitting on an induction plate.

Furthermore, you’ll get a fresh and hot cup of brewed coffee anytime you yearn for it, without trading your arm or leg for it!

Good quality one cup coffee makers available in the marketplace today allow you to brew just one cup of coffee for your need, at the cost of only few cents/pennies per cup. However, to make best use of such coffee makers, you’ll need to ground the coffee of just the exact amount every time, else you’ll need to bear with a stale ground coffee container sitting in your freezer or on your counter over a period of time.

Although the cost of one cup coffee makers may be slightly higher than the average coffee makers available in the marketplace, their advantages far outweigh the extra amount you pay for them. If we look at their average cost per cup, coffee made in one cup coffee maker usually costs no more than $ 0.4 per cup, which is very reasonable! It’s far less than any cup of coffee you can buy in any of those cafes around your home or workplace! Furthermore, you also get the choice of cup sizes you can brew!

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