Hamilton beach brewstation 47454 Review

The Hamilton beach brewstation 47454 is really in a class of its own when it comes to coffee machines. What is really special about the 47454 and the reason why it is called the brewstation, is because there is no carafe or hotplate. Instead you get a thermal-lined insulated coffee tank that maintains a certain brewing temperature and keeps your coffee hot and fresh within the Hamilton beach brewstation 47454, until you want it served.

Because it doesn’t have a hotplate you won’t have to worry about having burned or bitter coffee and with no carafe, there is no pouring or spills.

The Hamilton beach brewstation 47454 allows you to choose between 4 different brew cycles: normal, flavor plus, 1 to 4 cups, and decaf. You can have a delicious and rich flavored coffee within a couple of minutes with just the touch of a button or you can use the pre-program function to have wake up coffee or after dinner coffee without having to do any work.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features and specifications of the Hamilton beach brewstation 47454 and then move on to the consumer reviews and our final verdict.

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Hamilton beach brewstation 47454 Deluxe Coffee Maker Features and Specifications

  • 12 cup coffeemaker with an enclosed brewing system that eliminates the unnecessary fuss of having to deal with a carafe.
  • Simple one handed dispensing. This feature really describes the Hamilton beach brewstation 47454 perfectly, a coffee machine that is extremely simple to operate.
  • Beautiful digital clock and timer with blue backlighting. This gives the Hamilton a really modern look and makes sure it will fit well with almost any type of décor.
  • The Hamilton beach brewstation 47454 is fully programmable, perfect for those of you who just love a perfect cup of coffee in the morning.
  • Auto shutoff function for peace of mind.
  • Weighs approximately 3 pounds!
  • Comes with a 1 year full warranty.

Hamilton beach brewstation 47454 Deluxe Coffee Maker Reviews

We found almost 250 reviews online for the Hamilton beach brewstation 47454 and it still had a very impressive 4/5 star average.

The only two things people think is a con about this particular coffee machine, is that it initially takes a little time to set up and that there is no audible signal to tell you when the coffee is ready. Almost everyone agrees that these two things are minor concerns and that they are things you can easily live with; especially with all the positive things the Hamilton beach brewstation 47454 has to offer.

People really like the taste of the coffee it brews. Furthermore almost everyone seems to mention that the Hamilton beach brewstation 47454 is extremely easy to operate and that it is great to avoid all the fuss of having a carafe.

Here is a consumer review that really describes the benefits of the Hamilton beach brewstation 47454 :

“Seriously, yes I’ve only used it one day – but so far it’s a “10″ and here’s why!

10. Each and every part is in place – snug and secure.
09. Parts are easy to remove and re-assemble.
08. Display is fantastic – no squinting or bifocals required!
07. Hot, hot, hot – even after 2 hours; flavorful, no burned taste!
06. Programming and set up is very user-friendly.
05. Hot Coffee/Tea; Iced Coffee/Tea! Two appliances for the cost of one!
04. No drips from dispenser or underneath so far.
03. Tank doesn’t spill over when pouring.
02. Great to be able to use either regular-sized or travel-sized mugs.

And #1 – for me – is that it is equipped with little rollers on the bottom, which enables it to spin around without having to reposition, lift or drag it for filling. This was an unexpected and very helpful feature that I didn’t see mentioned in the many reviews I read before ordering it.”

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The Hamilton beach brewstation 47454 is really in a league of its own and we can definitely recommend this splendid coffee machine.

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