Considering the different brands, colors, sizes and prices of coffee makers available in the marketplace, picking the right one for your needs can be very difficult. Let’s share with you some important characteristics that you can use for making the right buying decision.

Programmable or not – If you love coffee and are an on-the-move kind of person, it’s a no-brainer that you should look at programmable coffee makers. They’ll save you plenty of time during the rush hours of the morning. All you’ll need to do is preset the coffee machine’s timer the night before and you’ll have a hot cup of Joe at your service by the time you’re done taking a shower!

Complex or not – Nothing denying the fact that technology is great! But if you’re someone who is not too tech-savvy and gets easily intimidated by buttons and programming options, it may make more sense to consider the simple coffee makers instead. Good coffee makers shouldn’t just be technologically up-to-date, but also user-friendly.

Tank capacity – The capacity of the coffee maker should be your topmost priority. You must consider the number of times you’ll be using the coffee machine in a day. Will you need it only during the mornings and evenings or will it be used for preparing 10 or more cups of coffee at different times of the day? You may also need to consider the number of people in your house. A single individual can’t possibly consume the same amount of coffee that a family of six can. We’re essentially referring to the water tank capacity of the coffee machine here. Depending on the number of people in your home and their coffee consumption, you may either buy a one cup coffee maker or a large coffee making machine which can dispense 10 or more cups at a time.

Spare parts – Coffee makers are just like other similar products are vulnerable to wear and tear. Before investing into a coffee machine, ensure that its spare parts are easily available in the market. There’s no point buying a very expensive coffee maker, only to discover later that you can’t find its spares easily. Furthermore, the machine you buy should have at least one or two years’ replacement warranty.

Price – This is a very important factor that’ll drive your coffeemaker buying decision. Although you can buy coffeemakers at very attractive prices, avoid purchasing very cheap ones which may not even last a few months. Always remember that the quality of coffee in your cup is as good as the coffeemaker that it was made in.

Style and safety – When it comes to coffee makers, it’s essential that the one you buy has ample safety features in it. Automatic on/off is a must for all coffee making machines as it ensures that not only do you save energy, but if you’re a forgetful person, the coffee machine can turn itself off after some time. Stressing a little more on the safety aspect, we must emphasize that the coffeemaker should ideally have a short power cord. Short power cords reduce the risk of someone tripping over or getting entangled in a loose long cord. A short power cord is also important if you’ve small children in your home who pull and push on anything that moves! Furthermore, invest into coffee makers that blend in well with the decor of your kitchen.

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