In-Depth Review of the Capresso MG600

The Capresso MG600 is a coffee machine known for its simplicity, durability and ability to brew great coffee. It has a sleek yet simple design and measures approximately 9 by 8 by 14 inches. The stainless steel accents look beautiful and the Capresso MG600 will fit perfectly in almost any kitchen, both size wise and in terms of décor.

It is able to brew up to 10 cups of flavorful coffee in less than 8 minutes and if you don’t like to wait that long, it comes with a pause and serve function that often comes in handy. The housing is of milled steel, giving this coffee machine superior durability and sturdiness.

Last but not least the Capresso MG600 comes with a gold tone filter that is very easy to clean and eliminates any need for paper filter.

It has a great setting that allows you to get maximum aroma, even when you just brew 3-6 cups at a time.

It is fully programmable and you can set it to automatically start brewing coffee whenever you want. Last but not least it comes with a backup power that makes sure all programming is retained in case of sudden power outages.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and specifications of the Capresso MG600 and then move on the consumer reviews and our final verdict.

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Capresso MG600 10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe Features and Specifications

  • 10-cup programmable coffeemaker with stainless-steel-lined heating system
  • Illuminated and comes with a LCD clock and timer. All the controls are soft touch, making the Capresso MG600 very easy to operate.
  • The Glass Carafe and washable gold tone filter are included in your package.
  • Charcoal water filter included. This is really important as the charcoal water filter will remove the majority of chlorine and harsh minerals in the water, giving you a distinctly richer cup of coffee. This filter also eliminates the need to use filtered water for your coffee, a practice that can quickly become quite expensive.

Capresso MG600 10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe Reviews

The reviews for the Capresso MG600 are mostly positive, there are however also a couple of average ratings for this specific coffee machine. We looked into these average ratings and it seemed like the main problem people had was that they thought the design of the Capresso MG600 could have been better. For example some people found it a little hard to fit the Carafe properly since there wasn’t too much extra space for it.

Other than this most of the reviews are positive and people love that the Capresso MG600 makes really HOT coffee. Several people mention this so it is safe to assume that if you like hot coffee, this machine probably won’t let you down.

Here is a direct quote from a customer :

“Looks nice on the kitchen counter. Fairly easy to fill. Removable filter holder. Comes with a gold filter or you can use #4 paper cone filters. Carafe has comfortable handle and pours easily. Construction quality seems good. Replacement carafe and other parts available from Capresso. Replaceable water filters available. Makes great HOT coffee. Worth the money….”

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If you want a good coffee maker that makes a rich and hot cup of coffee, the Capresso MG600 is probably the right choice for you. If however you want a really advanced coffee machine with a lot of extra features, you might have to look for other alternatives, just expect the price to be a lot higher too.

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