Bunn STX Review

Bunn STX is a sleek looking coffee machine that has become very popular because of its high quality coffee and sturdy build. As you already know, the Bunn Brand has been popular for several decades and for this same reason we had really great expectations for this product before we started researching it.

The Bunn STX is one of the smaller models and will fit easily in almost all kitchens and homes. It comes with a thermal Carafe and is a simple model that promises one thing: Delivering flavorful coffee and doing so fast.

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Bunn STX Specialty 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe Features and Specifications

  • 10 Cup Coffeemaker that brews your coffee in 3-4 minutes. Uses the patented Bunn brewing system, giving you coffee that is never over-extracted and bitter.  Comes with an internal thermostat that constantly adjusts the temperature in order to reach the ideal brewing limit.
  • The base is in Die- Cast and everything else is in stainless steel for better durability,
  • Vacuum- insulated thermal carafe included with your package. The Thermal Carafe keeps your coffee warm without ever overheating.
  • The Bunn STX keeps water warm for tea or other uses in your home.
  • Sleek and stylish design that will fit with any décor and at the same time is both ergonomic and easy to clean.

Bunn STX Specialty 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe Reviews

The Bunn STX has around 100 reviews online and 80-85% of them are very positive and give it top ratings. Some people mention that they think this product should have had a grind of some kind and that this would definitely had boosted the overall rating of the STX. We tend to agree with this notion, but at the same time this product is very cheap considering the high quality coffee it brews and how sturdy and durable it is.

Grind and brew coffee makers are typically at least 100-150$ more expensive than the Bunn STX and for this same reason we don’t necessarily see it as a negative that a grind is not included in this product.

This coffee maker does one thing: It brews perfect coffee and it does so fast. At the same time it comes at a great price and is very durable. All the positive reviews back these things up and people really love the taste you get with the Bunn STX.

Furthermore a lot of people commented on the fact that the Bunn STX doesn’t drip or leak and therefore felt that this was a great upgrade compared to their old coffee makers.

Last but not least almost everyone seems to comment on the fact that this product keeps your coffee warm all day without ever burning it.

Here is a direct quote from a customer :

“This is the best coffee brewer ever! I love it! I am the only one in my family who drinks coffee so I love the fact that I can brew a pot in the morning and get a cup two hours later that is still steaming hot without having a burned taste to it! Get this coffee pot!”

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The Bunn STX is a great coffee maker for people that want perfect coffee and don’t necessarily need a coffee machine with a lot of fancy gadgets and the newest technology. It is very durable and by purchasing a Bunn STX, you will probably save a lot of money on coffee makers in the long run.

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