The BUNN NHBX-B is another great coffee maker from Bunn’s high altitude series. This series is still fully focused on keeping true to the Bunn principle of flavorful and rich coffee; they are however also optimized for working in great heights. What is special about this series and what enables the BUNN NHBX-B to function in high altitudes is the especially designed thermostat that works even under the toughest conditions.

The following states have the corresponding number of cities in which use of a high altitude version is recommended. Arizona 270, California 411, Colorado 1106, Hawaii 10, Idaho 342, Iowa 1, Minnesota 1, Montana 350, Nevada 608, New Mexico 1124, North Carolina 4, Oregon 15, South Dakota 50, Texas 3, Utah 677, Vermont 1, Washington 2  and Wyoming 291.

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BUNN NHBX-B Generation 10-Cup Home Pour-over Coffee Brewer Features and Specifications

  • Modern styled home brewer that is accented with stainless steel parts.
  • Optimized for high altitudes and will work with no problems in heights where other coffee makers fail (usually +5000 feet). This is mainly due to the especially engineered thermostat.
  • The exterior materials are all commercial grade and the internal water tank is in stainless steel. This ensures you great durability and you know that your coffee maker will last for many years to come.
  • Uses the patented Bunn Sprayhead design that ensures maximum flavor and aroma extraction from the beans. Furthermore the internal thermostat ensures that the BUNN NHBX-B is constantly brewing your coffee at the ideal temperature.
  • The warming plate is coated in porcelain, adding to the sleek design of this high altitude coffee maker.
  • Brews 10 cups of flavorful coffee in under 3 minutes. This is almost 100% faster than most of the other coffee makers in the same class.

BUNN NHBX-B Generation 10-Cup Home Pour-over Coffee Brewer Reviews

There are around 10 people who took the time to write a review on the BUNN NHBX-B after making their purchase. With the exception of one person, everyone is really happy about their purchase and give this coffee maker top ratings.

We looked into the one negative review and found that this user had received a leaking coffee maker due to breakage while being shipped. She did receive a brand new NHBX-B instead of the broken one, but she had to pay 20$ to resend the old one to Bunn.

All the other people however are really happy with their purchase and mention several positive things about the NHBX-B. What people really like about this product is the great taste and that it is able to handle the fine grind of decaf perfectly.

Furthermore almost everyone mentions that it works perfectly even in high altitudes of over 5k feet and that the boiling point is reached really fast.

We couldn’t really find anything negative about the NHBX-B other than the shipping mistake that is really the responsibility of the shipping company and not Bunn.

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If you want a sturdy coffee machine that makes perfect coffee and is optimized for high altitudes, you really can’t go wrong with the Bunn NHBX-B.

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