Bunn BTX Review

Bunn BTX, the perfect choice for people living in cities with high altitudes. It is the high altitude version of the very popular Bunn thermal home brewer and therefore it functions beautifully under conditions where other coffee makers are subpar. What is pretty cool about the Bunn BTX is the fact that it doesn’t need a warming plate and that the internal thermostat constantly keeps the water at the optimal brewing temperature. This thermostat is especially engineered so that it also works above 5.000ft.

The following states have the corresponding number of cities in which use of a high altitude version is recommended. Arizona 270, California 411, Colorado 1106, Hawaii 10, Idaho 342, Iowa 1, Minnesota 1, Montana 350, Nevada 608, New Mexico 1124, North Carolina 4, Oregon 15, South Dakota 50, Texas 3, Utah 677, Vermont 1, Washington 2  and Wyoming 291.

The Bunn BTX in action:


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BUNN BTX-B(D) ThermoFresh High Altitude 10-Cup Home Thermal Carafe Coffee Brewer Features and Specifications

  • Especially engineered thermostat that works +5000 ft. This is part of the secret why this coffee maker functions flawlessly, even in the highest altitudes. This internal thermostat constantly maintains the optimal water temperature in order to get maximum flavor and aroma.
  • No warming plate needed.
  • Pretty fast coffee, the Bunn BTX brews 10 cups (50 –oz) of very flavorful coffee within 2-3 minutes.
  • Extra durable and sturdy. All the exterior materials are commercial grade and the internal water tank is made of stainless steel.
  • The patented Bunn spray head improves the flavor extraction of the BTX and makes sure your coffee comes out just perfect.

BUNN BTX-B(D) ThermoFresh High Altitude 10-Cup Home Thermal Carafe Coffee Brewer Reviews

Around a dozen people took the time to write a review for this product and the large majority of them are really positive. We found 2 reviews that weren’t completely satisfied and their major concern was that their Bunn BTX had a little leak.

This was pretty concerning, but after going through all the positive reviews we saw that no one else seemed to have this problem. This leads us to believe that these 2 people have probably dropped or hit their coffee machine in a way that damaged it.

Here is a quote from a customer addressing this issue:

“I wasn’t thrilled about plunking down money for a coffee pot, especially after reading the 2 reviews about how they leak. I guess I was one of the lucky ones or BUNN has fixed their leaking problem. My coffee pot works perfectly. This is the best coffee pot I’ve ever owned. I have coffee on all day long and I was getting tired of throwing out old coffee. With this pot, the coffee stays hot all day without that burnt taste. I’ll probably save money in the long run since I’m not throwing coffee out.”

All the other reviews are also really positive about the Bunn BTX and people say that it actually has a pretty sturdy and durable design. The two points that people liked the most about this coffee machine was the taste of the coffee and the fact that your coffee would stay warm all day and still have that “fresh” taste.

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If you have considered purchasing the Bunn BTX you shouldn’t hesitate, it is a solid coffee maker that will produce perfect coffee in very little time.

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