Braun KF 580 AromaDeluxe Review

As the name might hint the Braun KF 580 AromaDeluxe is a coffee maker designed to give you really rich flavor and aroma. Now obviously this is the goal of almost all coffee machines, what I really like about this model from Braun however, is that it actually implements specific features that help get a rich flavor and aroma.

First of all the Braun KF 580 AromaDeluxe has an integrated Brita water filter that screens out all chlorine and harsh minerals from the water, furthermore it prevents calcifications within the water tank itself. This is a really cool feature and even though a lot of people don’t usually think about this, the chlorine in your brewing water can often make the difference between a good and a great tasting cup of coffee.

The Braun KF 580 AromaDeluxe has a lot of other cool features, so let’s take a closer look at these before we move on to the consumer reviews and our final verdict.

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Braun KF 580 AromaDeluxe 10-Cup TimeControl Coffemaker Features and Specifications

  • Built in Brita water filter that prevents calcification of the water tank and gives the coffee a better flavor.
  • Timecontrol. This feature is simply awesome, with the Braun KF 580 AromaDeluxe you can program when you want the machine to automatically start brewing your coffee. Yes, automatic fresh coffee in the morning is great!
  • Gold tone filter that allows you to brew coffee without having to use any additional paper filter.
  • Glass Carafe included. The carafe has a nonslip handle for additional safety.
  • The Braun KF 580 AromaDeluxe comes with an extra Brita Water filter free of charge and is covered by a one year limited warranty.

Braun KF 580 AromaDeluxe 10-Cup TimeControl Coffemaker Reviews

This coffee machine is super popular and there are over 70 reviews for it online. Around 85% of these reviews are 5/5 stars, while the rest are average – negative.

We looked into the few negative reviews we could find on the Braun KF 580 AromaDeluxe and we quickly found a recurring pattern. The negative reviews all had the same problem, they felt this coffee machine was a little too large for their kitchen and that it would have been better if it was smaller.We looked into the dimensions and found out that this coffee machine is actually average sized with the following dimensions: Measures 13 by 7-1/2 by 14-1/8 inches. It is going to be very hard finding a coffee machine in this class that is a lot smaller than that.

Now let’s take a look at all the positive comments people made. First of all people not only like the taste of the coffee the Braun KF 580 brews but also that you can make really strong coffee if you want.

A lot of people love the fact that it comes with the Brita water filter since it is simply just too expensive to use filtered water for your coffee. With the Brita water filter you get the exact same result as using filtered water while doing so at a fraction of the cost.The cool thing is that the Braun KF 580 AromaDeluxe functions even without the Brita water filter and therefore you are not forced to purchase something you don’t want.

Last but not least almost everyone seems to like the fact that you can program this coffee machine to automatically brew coffee at a certain time.

Buy From Amazon

The reviews really speak for themselves and the Braun KF 580 AromaDeluxe seems like a really worthwhile purchase.

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