Best coffee machines or the so-called A1 coffee makers are basically cooking appliances that are used for perfectly brewing coffee at home or office. Although there are all sorts of different coffee makers available in the marketplace, which employ distinct brewing techniques, the most commonly used ones involve placing of coffee grounds in a metal filter or paper inside a funnel, set over a ceramic or glass coffee pot or a cooking pot belonging to the kettle family. Thereafter, normal water is poured into a different chamber. It’s then heated up properly and brought to the boiling point, followed by directing it into the funnel. This process is also referred to as automatic drip brew.

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The history behind coffee makers
Coffee making remained a very simple process for several hundred years. It used to involve placement of roasted and ground coffee beans inside a pan or pot, into which hot water used to be poured, followed by attaching a lid for the commencement of infusion process. The pot designing used to be done specifically for the purpose of coffee brewing, all with the idea of trapping the coffee grounds prior to pouring of the coffee. The typical pot designs used to have flat expanded bottoms for catching the sinking grounds and sharp pour spouts that used to trap the floating grinds. Other commonly used coffee maker designs used to have wide mid-pot bulges for the purpose of catching the grounds at the time of coffee pouring.


The 4 major types of coffee makers
Let’s now take you through the 4 major types of A1 coffee makers you can buy in the marketplace today.

Drip coffee makers
These coffee makers have become the standard in home dispensers and you can find them in almost every home in your neighborhood. Drip coffee makers are by far the most popular ones among the A1 coffee makers throughout the world. Their popularity is due to several different reasons including their inexpensive nature and ease of use.

Some of the commonly known benefits of drip coffee makers are:
– They’re very easy to use. All you need to do is add a bit of your chosen ground coffee and a coffee filter, followed by filling up its reservoir with water. Turn on the coffee maker and you’ll have a nice big pot of your loved drink in a matter of few minutes!
– Drip coffee makers are the ideal choice for homes and offices because you can easily brew 1 to 12 cups of coffee with them at one time.
– Most of the drip coffee makers available in the market today are fully programmable and automatic in nature. This enables the setting up of the machine well in advance, with inputs like the time when you’d want your hot coffee to be dispensed.

Following are some additional functions available in the modern-day drip coffee makers:
Permanent coffee filter – This saves plenty of money over a period of time as you don’t need the disposable paper coffee filters.
Strength adjustment – This functionality allows you to fine tune the strength of your favorite coffee, to ensure that it meets your requirements.
Clock – Apart from the programmable timer, you can check the time on the coffee machine and set it to make your coffee at a particular time of the day.
Coffee grinder – The coffee grinder in the machine saves you the trouble of investing into a separate coffee grinder. You can easily grind your own roasted beans with it.
Pause button – You get the option of pausing the coffee brewing process in case you’d like to get some coffee dispensed before the machine finishes its process.

Espresso coffee machines
The espresso makers allow you to easily prepare and consume your favorite drink in its boldest form – espresso. Espressos first came into being during the 1800s in Italy and have since become one of the most loved coffee types in all parts of the world.
The concentrated and bold flavor of coffee delivered through espresso serves as the perfect foundation for various coffee drinks you can buy in different coffee shops of the world. Since the technology behind espresso makers evolved over a period of time, you can find top-quality espresso makers in the present-day kitchens across the world.

Some of the commonly known benefits of espresso makers are:
– Many espresso makers feature an adjustable shot-length enabling you to dispense exactly the shot that you want.
– Some models even have programmable settings, just like the drip coffeemaker versions.
– Some models also come with dual spout, enabling you to prepare two separate shots in one go, or just one double shot!
– The regular espresso makers allow you to prepare any number of espresso shots you may like.
– Majority of modern-day espresso makers allow you to use any ground coffee for preparing your espresso, including the light and dark roasts.

The French press coffee machines
These machines employ the oldest known coffee making process in the world. French press coffee machines were first developed during the 1850s and the popular press pot remained mostly unchanged regardless of the many technological advances made in the coffee making industry. What makes French press coffee very popular is its extreme simplicity, something which makes it one of the most preferred coffee making techniques among the coffee connoisseurs of the world. These coffee makers don’t need any electricity and are comparatively less expensive than the other modern-day coffee makers.

Some commonly known benefits of French press coffee machines are:
– All that’s required for preparing your delicious cup of coffee is coarsely grounded coffee beans and boiling water.
– Its design is very simple including a tall cylinder made of glass, a filter and a plunger.

How French press coffee machines work?
– Put some coarse ground coffee into the bottom area of the coffee maker’s cylinder. Then pour some boiling water on it.
– Now stir the resulting mixture with the help of a nonmetallic spoon and allow it to sit with the lid on for some time.
– It’s ideal to allow the coffee to brew for 1 to 8 minutes. The timeframe would depend on the coffee strength you need. The longer the coffee sits, the stronger it’ll be.
– You can enjoy your favorite coffee by slowly pressing the plunger down and forcing the coffee grounds past the filter, pushing them at the base of the cylinder.
– Make it a point to pour your coffee immediately as letting it sit any longer may make it bitter in taste.

Single or one cup coffee makers
The single or one cup coffee machines are excellent for brewing just one single cup of coffee. No mess and no fuss! All you need to do is use the prepackaged coffee cups or pods. One cup unit makes you one single cup of your favorite beverage. The prepackaged cup or a coffee pod consists of a miniature filter and coffee grounds, all packaged inside a single unit. The pod design is such that it fits easily inside its machine. Once it is inside, the hot water gets filtered through the cup or pod, initiating the brewing procedure within that contained space, just by the push of a single button. In the end what you get is a fresh and hot cup of Joe!

Some of the commonly known benefits of one cup coffee makers are:
– They are pretty efficient and fast to use.
– They make the ideal choice for office settings as you can provide a wide range of pod styles and flavors, ensuring that everyone gets the type of coffee he/she likes.
– Since they make just a single coffee cup at a time, one cup coffee makers are the ideal choice for small households where it’s just one or two occasional coffee drinkers.
– These machines are very easy to clean up and maintain.

Some of the commonly known features of the modern-day one cup coffee making machines are:
Programmable clock – As in case of drip coffee makers, you can program your one cup coffee maker to dispense your drink at a particular time of the day – automatically.
Flexible size – You can vary the size of your coffee cup, allowing you to add cream or milk to it.
Coffee strength – With this feature, you can alter the strength of your coffee by using less or more amount of water during the brewing process.
Temperature control – This feature enables you to control the temperature at which your drink will be prepared.
Easy filtration – The water can be filtered prior to the brewing process, leading to a purer cuppa coffee!

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