If you’re someone who loves starting his/her day with a delightful cup of hot coffee, you should know that your coffee can be made so much more better and tasteful by using a coffee grinder. Grinding the coffee beans makes the coffee taste better because the coffee grounds aren’t given ample time to oxidize (due to air exposure). Furthermore, when you use a coffee grinder you can crush just the exact amount of coffee you want to drink. No worrying about any leftovers!

Majority of coffee bought in jars from the grocery stores is already ground and stale as it’s allowed to oxidize. On the other hand, when you buy whole coffee beans, their freshness remains intact inside their bean shells, waiting to be experienced by coffee connoisseurs through the use of coffee grinders.

Coffee grinders can be broadly classified into three main categories – burr grinders, blade grinders and crushers. All these have their own pros and cons and you should be well aware of them before investing into either of them. Please remember that the grinder you use will have a major impact on your coffee’s taste.

Burr coffee grinders

These grinders have two variants – The flat wheel burr coffee grinders and the conical kinds. Of these two, it’s the conical kinds which are most popular as they spin at slower rates and don’t heat up the coffee grounds. Flat wheel burr coffee grinders on the other hand spin rapidly and can heat up the coffee grounds, negatively affecting their flavor.

Although they’re comparatively expensive than other coffee grinders, coffee aficionados prefer conical grinders as they create uniformly sized coffee grounds, don’t impart any heat and produce far superior tasting coffee. There aren’t many cons associated with conical burr coffee grinders apart from their price tags. Furthermore, they’re difficult to clean and are noisier than other grinders.

Blade coffee grinders

These are the most commonly available coffee grinders in the marketplace. Their popularity is owing to the fact that they’re pretty inexpensive and produce grounds which make good tasting coffee (in comparison to the coffee bought from stores). In addition blade coffee grinders can be cleaned very easily and are more durable.

Some of the drawbacks associated with blade grinders are that they don’t normally create uniformly sized coffee grounds. Furthermore, their construction may be different from each other. Their inability to produce fine coffee grounds lends them unusable for making espresso coffee. The blades of the grinder also create heat and friction, which is passed on to the coffee grounds, affecting their flavor negatively.

Crusher coffee grinders

These coffee grinders aren’t as popular as their other two counterparts as they create non-uniform coffee grounds. Crushers work on the principle of crushing the coffee beans the same way as we crush spices. Differently-sized coffee grounds result in coffee taste that is inferior to the taste provided by other coffee grinders.

Final Word

When you’re out to purchase a coffee grinder, pay close attention to its ease-of-use and cleaning. Also consider the coffee grounds’ consistency and the amount of coffee beans you can process at one time. Price tags may also be important. No matter which coffee grinder you end up using, the quality of coffee you can produce with them will definitely be better than the coffee made from store-bought coffee grounds.

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